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Blog posts, or insights, as we like to call them here at On Point Content, remain crucially important to content marketing. As blog writers, we understand this. Quite simply, carefully crafted insights on your website attract visitors through organic searches and social media channels.

Engaging blog writers

Today’s web visitor expectations are higher than ever. They expect to see new thought-provoking content every time they visit your site.
Posting regular engaging blogs brings your brand to life and helps to give it a legitimate identity. A well-considered engaging blog also shows that you are not only aware of the current trends within your marketplace but are a key influencer.
On Point Content’s blog writers create just the right tone of voice for your brand to grab your audience’s attention.
Whether you have a blog you are finding difficult to maintain or would like to create a new Insights page on your website, we can help. On Point Content has the perfect combination of grammatical wizardry and creativity to make your words ‘sing’ from the screen!

Fully optimised for SEO

All blog posts are written with SEO in mind. Our blog writers specifically use various on-page SEO tactics to give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and encourage customers to visit your website.
We’re highly experienced in writing blogs across many different sectors and adapt our tone of voice accordingly to make sure your content is timely, engaging, and shareable. We do this by researching what people are looking for when searching online for your business solution. We consider their search queries and how your blog content could help answer these and convert them into customers.

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Burnett Barker Solicitors

Brand storytelling for Burnett Barker

Burnett Barker Solicitors is a Suffolk law firm based in the heart of Bury St Edmunds and prides itself on providing practical legal advice in straightforward language. While they have the expertise of a traditional solicitors, it is their client care that sets them apart from other firms.