Creative Fire

Brand storytelling for Burnett Barker

Burnett Barker Solicitors is a Suffolk law firm based in the heart of Bury St Edmunds and prides itself on providing practical legal advice in straightforward language. While they have the expertise of a traditional solicitors, it is their client care that sets them apart from other firms.

On Point Content’s role, with the support of design agency, Creative Fire, is to ensure all communications are friendly, helpful and purposeful.

The Challenge

When we first started working with Burnett Barker Solicitors in January 2020, the brand was already well established, and a new website had just been launched.

With a fantastic foundation, Burnett Barker Solicitor’s CEO, Daryl Griffiths, was keen to drive further traffic to the website and experiment with different media. On Point Content and Creative Fire were brough in to help.

“On Point Content has successfully been elevating our brand since 2019. Emma captures our values and tone of voice in writing completely. She looks beyond the brand to what we are there to make happen. What we do, how we do it, who do we do it for, and why. She is a pleasure to work with; friendly yet effective. A good match for us.”

Daryl Griffiths, Chief Executive, Burnett Barker Solicitors


Working collaboratively with Creative Fire, we continue to elevate the Burnett Barker brand across all digital and non-digital channels. As a duo, we have created engaging videos on their approach to conveyancing, as well as more sensitive services including divorce, separation and probate.

We also find new and imaginative ways to relay testimonials and have created an ongoing family law Facebook campaign, with the help of our digital partners at PDM. This has dramatically increased awareness of Burnett Barker’s expertise in family law.

With knowledge of WordPress and the theme in which the website is built, On Point also maintains the Burnett Barker website. Content (both written and visual) is under constant review and several changes have been made to the website within a year to add depth to the site and enhance the visitor experience.


The content on the Burnett Barker’s website continues to engage visitors, with a noticeable uptick in enquiries through the site’s web chat feature.

Blogs also receive a significant amount of traffic long after they have been published.