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Leading Colchester-based design agency, Creative Fire, were intent on introducing a far more flexible way for businesses to purchase high-impact graphic design services. On Point Content was drafted in to help finesse the marketing message and proposition.


Having worked inhouse at large design agencies on big brands, Creative Fire’s Julie and Greg, knew all too-well how expensive and inflexible design agencies can be. They wanted to do things differently, giving businesses (both big and small) far more control and flexibility over their design time and budget.

Creative Fire had spent concentrated time creating a series of competitive design contract options for 3, 6 and 12 months. For clients, there would be no ‘use it or lose it’ contractual obligations and absolutely no pressure to ‘spend’ their design time each month.

Creative Fire knew what they wanted to achieve and communicate, they just needed a little help with finding the right words to match their fabulous visuals.

“Creative Fire has been collaborating with On Point Content since early 2019. Emma is incredibly easy to work with, very accommodating and often goes out of her way to help others. When writing content, her knowledge is remarkably diverse, which is a perfect fit for us and the broad range of industries we work with”

Greg Rawles, Creative Fire


Already familiar with On Point Content’s copywriting services, Creative Fire invited us to a creative session to agree the concept name and marketing message.

The key to this campaign’s success would be creativity and simplicity. After all, Creative Fire would be speaking directly to CMOs and business owners – people who appreciate the value of a strong written and visual story.

This is where the name ‘Creative Time’ was born – simple in its message, and very much on brand. From there, we mapped out the content plan for 6 connected e-shots.

The e-shots represent an evolutionary brand persona, and what better story to link to than the 50th year anniversary of the landing on the Moon?

The first e-shot was all about ‘Meet Neil’. Neil is on a mission to make a monumental impact, he has exactly 75 hours and 56 minutes until he ventures into the unknown….

Neil will experience the ‘Overview Effect’ when viewing earth – he’ll have an overwhelming sense of the bigger picture. He will feel distanced yet also connected.

Creative Fire helps the marketing equivalents of Neil discover their own ‘overview effect’. They have far more control and are more agile than they once were. The e-shot campaign took recipients on an intentional journey, focusing on a different benefit of Creative Time with each outreach.


6 e-shots

to over 2,000 marketing contacts


open rate

3 new

Creative Time clients in 3 months


The e-shots provided a great place from which to launch the Creative Time concept (seriously, no pun intended). Creative Time captured immediate attention, with several new clients signing-up.

The results are continuous. Fast forward a year, and those same clients continue to work with Creative Fire on this incredibly flexible basis.