Creative Fire

Copywriting for INSTANDA

Insurtech company, INSTANDA, has an incredible story – one of phenomenal innovation in an industry still dominated by legacy technology. On Point Content plays an integral role in telling this story of innovation through the creation of regular blog content, landing page copy and engaging white papers.


When On Point Content first met INSTANDA, the new CMO identified the company’s website and marketing materials as needing urgent attention. The existing web design and content was far too complicated and abstract. The brand messaging was getting lost.

In collaboration with design partner Creative Fire, our first task was to simplify INSTANDA’s brand message and create a new website.

The timeline was tight. Together, we had eight weeks to revisit the brand, create content, and launch a new website.

“On Point supports the Marketing team at INSTANDA with copywriting, content development, and content strategy. Emma’s experience writing for the tech industry and the capability to influence senior decision-makers through clever, creative copy is why we work together again and again.”



Our first step was to hold a creative branding session with INSTANDA’s CMO, who had collated feedback on the existing brand messaging. It was noticeably clear from the research that there was a disconnect with how people in the business saw INSTANDA and what the brand was portraying. This was partly influenced by the complicated language used to describe the brand’s proposition.

The existing website was too complex, with visitors having to work hard to decipher the key benefits of the INSTANDA platform.

INSTANDA’s core proposition of bringing insurance products to market far quicker using no-code was getting lost. Our aim within the branding session was to agree on the marketing proposition and new strapline for INSTANDA. Four options were presented to the Board, with ‘Insurance. Technology. Decoded’ being decided upon.

Our next step was to work closely with INSTANDA’s marketing team to create and launch the new stripped-back website. The website structure was carefully designed to mimic the typical ‘buyer’ journey identified by INSTANDA.


8 weeks

from first meet to website launch

16 pages

created within two weeks

2 years

of creating engaging content


The result is a clear, crisp phase 1 website that explains all the benefits of the INSTANDA platform. Visitors stay on the site for far longer and engage with the content, especially the Insights section.

On Point deliberately kept the language simple and easy to digest. This meant abandoning the existing content in favour of bolder, more emotive wording directly addressing industry challenges.

The same language has been adopted across all brand touchpoints. Today, we continue to write website copy for INSTANDA as well as host of other content. To date this has included brochure copy, events collateral, presentation materials, blogs, articles and industry whitepapers.

Technology does not need to be complicated and our work with INSTANDA proves this.