Creative Fire

Brand copy for Nayland Care

A family-run home care agency, Nayland Care, needed a new visual and written brand. In collaboration with Agile Technical Solutions, On Point Content created content for a new website and brochure, with a revised strapline and brand values.


Agile Technical Solutions were tasked with project managing and building Nayland Care a new brand and website. On Point was brought in to manage the content and copywriting aspect of the project.

In discussions with Nayland Care, it was clear that there was an overarching value running through every aspect of care. Every carer is person-centred, meaning that the whole individual is at the centre of every decision and action.

Nayland Care needed a brand that would reflect this as their previous brand had become outdated.

Our first step was to host a brand workshop with Nayland Care’s Yvette and Chelsey, alongside Agile’s Nick Baines and Creative Director Tim Maulden.

Together, we took a deep-dive look at what makes Nayland Care so special. We considered how the agency is making a positive impact on others' lives and how it differs from other home care services.

“On Point Content was an absolute pleasure to work with. Emma really understood how to articulate our home care services; how we are different and take a person-centred approach. On Point writes with the audience in mind. For Nayland Care, this meant creating content that is compassionate, sensitive, and easy to understand.”

Chelsey Cookson, Company Director, Nayland Care


From our discussions, it was clear that Nayland Care values consistency of care, never rushes appointments, and invests time into every client. This is where the strapline ‘Time to Care’ emerged and one that founder, Yvette, was particularly taken with.

Having also established a brand tone of voice that was to be less corporate and more caring and personable, we set to work on mapping the website.

On Point worked closely with Agile Technical Solutions managing director, web designer and developer, as well as an SEO consultant. This was to ensure that the website content would perform from an SEO and technical point of view.

We revised the existing sitemap to better reflect how an individual or family member would search for home care. This involved carefully mapping out a typical user journey and examining how various services are connected.

Tactile, sensitive language was used throughout to highlight Nayland Care’s high-regard for compassion and dignity.

To communicate Nayland Care’s personalised approach to care, we prepared and selected testimonials, tagging them to specific pages.

These case studies were supported by more in-depth, sensitively written GDPR compliant case studies. In each story, we touch on the delicate nature of Nayland Care and the rapport each client has with their allocated carers.


20 pages

of engaging website copy

8 weeks

from start to finish

12 page

promotional brochure


At every brand touchpoint throughout the website, visitors understand that Nayland Care really does have ‘time to care.’

Personal stories and accounts are echoed throughout Nayland Care’s 12-page business brochure. Each page was purposefully written to capture the essence of how Nayland Care helps people of various abilities and ages to live well at home; without the need to go into a care home.

Since launching the website, Nayland Care continues to see month-on-month improvements in SEO and a significant increase in enquiries. Personally and professionally, we couldn’t be prouder of the copywriting support we’ve given to such a kind and compassionate team.