As content specialists, we never stop learning. We can’t afford not to since the landscape in which we publish content is always changing. That’s why we find our craft rather exciting. So much so, that we like to share our thoughts, observations and experiences with the wider world.

Please feel free to read our blogs and insights. Most are penned by On Point Content, but some are prepared by those who we collaborate with.

On Point PR and Public Relations content strategy

How do you define your brand’s tone of voice?

Tone of Voice expresses a brand’s personality and core values. Its very essence is about the people that make up the brand – their values, professional attributes, their goals and what they are passionate about. So how do you define your brand’s tone of voice? There are plenty of marketing articles online that talk about […]

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On Point Content award writing and white paper creation

On Point Content’s secret to creative copywriting

My name is red, creative copywriting is blue and I have a green dog! Sounds strange doesn’t it? Nonsensical even. For me, it’s normal. In my mind’s eye, the letters of my name are all red and copywriting and content marketing, which is what I specialise in, is blue. I have colour synaesthesia. It is often described as […]

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On Point Content blog writing

How to mirror the personality of your brand in your content

I was inspired to write this blog by Colchester United Football Club. Not only is the club already injecting personality into its own marketing, its local hosted networking events highlight one thing; people do business with people they like. It’s a fact. But sometimes this gets lost online. Quite often content lacks in personality. Writing content […]

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What is SEO blog writing and why is it useful?

It has been suggested that you do more SEO blog writing. Unless you have this expertise internally, you’ll want to commission a copywriter, but how do you know their content will perform? What is SEO blog writing and why does it matter? How to rank articles or blogs is something On Point Content is often […]

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Quick guide to repurposing content

Quick guide to repurposing content If you’re not repurposing content, you’re missing vital opportunities to increase your brand’s reach and realise the true value of your content. If you are wondering how to reuse blog posts or any other marketing copy, read on. Think, do you have a historic blog that still attracts traffic that […]

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Writing for web. On Point Content digital strategy

5 AI tools to help with copywriting

Mistake-free copywriting has never been easier. At least that’s what AI-assisted tool Grammarly tells us. There’s some truth in this. Such AI-powered tools tell you when the grammar of your copywriting is off. But how close is AI to making writing mistake-free? And what tools are there to help you enhance your writing and content […]

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