5 AI tools to help with copywriting

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Mistake-free copywriting has never been easier.

At least that’s what AI-assisted tool Grammarly tells us. There’s some truth in this. Such AI-powered tools tell you when the grammar of your copywriting is off. But how close is AI to making writing mistake-free? And what tools are there to help you enhance your writing and content marketing?

Few people get as excited as I do about writing variations of the same messaging. In this blog, I look at five online tools designed to enhance everyday copywriting and content marketing.

1. Grammarly

Through machine learning, Grammarly replicates the way a human would write. It combines machine learning with natural language processing.
With the Grammarly for Google Chrome extension, you can improve your writing on the go. Your spelling and grammar will be checked on everything from Gmail, to social media, and almost everywhere you produce written content on the web.

2. Phrasee

It’s a bold statement, but Phrasee uses machine learning to optimise email subject lines until they perform better than those created by humans.
The software’s deep learning model focuses on the use of positive language. It considers your customer’s emotions. It builds upon something I am passionate about as a writer; giving the reader exactly what they need to feel better.

3. Hubspot

If you’ve got the budget, Hubspot is superb. Search engines such as Google favour websites where the content is structured into topics. With HubSpot’s content strategy tool, it’s easier to find and rank for subjects that are of interest to your target audiences. This AI based tool suggests topics based on relevance, competition and popularity.

I am currently having conversations with my local Hubspot manager. The movement towards measuring absolutely everything in marketing is growing. This is encouraging. You should never do anything in marketing without being able to measure its impact, and that includes copywriting and content curation.

4. Monday.com

Having just finished a trial with Monday, I’ve got to say that the content planning tools are impressive. You must warrant the budget for it, but it’s a great visual representation of content. You can instantly see who holds responsibility for which element and what stage they are at. Centralising content ideas and copywriting has never been easier.

5. Lumen5.com

Ok, so Lumen5 is not a copywriting correction tool. It transforms articles into videos within minutes. All you need to do is enter your URL or copy and it will automatically start creating a video based on your written content. It suggests images from its library of thousands of images and video clips. It’s a great way to re-package your blog content into video format.

Copywriting is so much more than just writing words. It’s about having an in-depth understanding of a target audience. It means tapping into the emotions of those it is talking to.

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